Domenico Ippolito Shapovalov
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Alex Carter
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Georgia Fraser-Steadman
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Alexander Maltman
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Aaron Blanco
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Aida Ippolito
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Ameerah Falzon-Ojo
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Anastasia Holland
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Charlotte Zone
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Daisy Smiles
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Elodie Miles-Inge
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James Jefferson
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Kendra Mei
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Kya Eden
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Child Actors and Actresses

BMA Artists children department provides male and female child actors & actresses from babies to the age of 16. We provide child actors & actresses for film work, motion pictures and television series. BMA Artists Agency’s children star in top blockbuster movies, TV programs & series, and TV commercials. We are London and Europe's one stop artist management agencies and provide child actors / actresses, toddlers and teenage actors / actresses of all ethnicities.