Stephanie Jay
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Stephanie Jory
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Lorena Andrea
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Meryl Griffiths
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Alyx Bearman
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Amani Johara
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Joanna Bergin
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Pia Noor
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Dawn Skelton
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Claudia Coulter
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Debra Matthews
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Joanna Fussey
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Jessica T
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Regina Cotter
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Female Character Actors and Real Models

BMA Artists Agency became the first modeling agency to provide female character actors (real models) in the UK. We are a leading real model agency and we have offices in London, Dubai and Beirut. We are one of the leading artist management agencies and a "one-stop talent agencies" in the UK so give us a try. All of our female character actors are extremely talented and have worked in a wide spectrum of media from TV advertising to print and digital media. We have female real models from all age groups and a range of ethnicities so take a look at our models today. View all of BMA artists' female character actors above.