Jonathan Burteaux
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Richard Kiess
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Rupert Ratcliffe
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Jack Lindsay
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David Doma
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Neil Kelly
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Gary Hirst
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Alex Roseman
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Bryan Hands
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David Beeks
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David Fabbro
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David Peyton-Bruhl
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David Vickery
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Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell
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BMA Artists Agency provides male voiceover artists for all UK’s major advertising campaigns. We are one of London, Dubai & Beirut’s top male voiceover agencies & represent over 2000 artists. As a leading agency we supply male voiceover artists for a wide range of advertising campaigns including; TV commercials, films, TV and commercial assignments. BMA Artists has offices in London & Beirut and are one of the leading male voiceover agencies in the UK and Europe.